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Development Corner

03-02-10 : Package restructuring
We've completely rearranged the structure of the source code files. First of all, the ant build file has been adapted to split out the source code and the class files. All source goes in src/, all classes go in bin/.

We've also renamed the packages so that they are compatible with the standards. All packages now start with net.sourceforge.dragonchess as they should.

There are some problems now with the ant build file that need to be fixed to comply with the new structure, but we're working on that.

02-12-23 : Release 2.1.0
The new release is online ! We have added quite a few new features :
  • More robust networking :
    As promised, we have improved the robustness of our connectivity code. Unexpected connection errors no longer leave client or server in an unusable state. Instead, the game is considered over and options for a new game are given.
  • User Preferences :
    We have included a preferences window, where various preferences can be set. Examples of things that can be set are the default server, default username, default position and size of the dragonchess window, and debug levels for different parts of the game.
  • Instant Messaging system :
    A simple chat window (that doubles as a status window) is now included, which allows the players to communicate with each other.
  • New Build System :
    This is only relevant for the dragonchess-src-2.1.0 packages. We have converted our build system from 'make' to 'ant'. This java- and xml-based system allows for simpler and more efficient project building. See http://ant.apache.org for more information.

We have made an effort to keep this version backward compatible with version 2.0.0. It's possible for a 2.1.0 client to connect to a 2.0.0 server and vice versa. The 2.0.0 version may output error messages about unknown message types, but these are related to the new chat system only and can safely be ignored.

For the next release, we hope to replace the current system of drawing pieces by a much faster rendering cache. This should result in faster overall game speed and less cpu usage.

02-12-19 : Getting ready for new release
We are currently finishing the things that should go into the new release of DragonChess, 2.1.0. Drake has been working on the network error handling and the game is now no longer unusable after a connection failure. There is still some work to be done but that's not as urgent right now. The chat system is also in place.

02-12-15 : Chat functionality being implemented
Vipie is working on a chat system between dragonchess clients. Part of the ui is already in place.

02-12-14 : Build system changed to ANT
Vipie has rejoined the programmers team. He has changed the build system for dragonchess from Makefiles to ant. From now on, all builds should be initiated in the /dragonchess directory instead of the /dragonchess/src. There is now also the "ant cl" command that creates a nice Changelog.

02-12-14 : connectivity improved
The connectivity classes have been improved a bit. More extensive error checking and exception handling has been added, and the frontend end backend now get nofitied of relevant changes in connection status.

02-12-08 : New javadoc online
We have been busy cleaning up the code and the javadoc comments, as there were a lot of broken links there. The version that is now on this site is the javadoc for the latest development version (2002-12-08), not the 2.0.0 release. As this is only useful for developers, it shouldn't matter very much.

02-12-05 : Release 2.0.0
Released the source package of 2.0.0 today and re-released the tarball of the binaries (it was a tar, not a tar.gz as the name implied, so I changed that).

There's still a lot of work to do now the new version has been released. Drake is working on some bugs and a preferences screen, I (TbU) am starting with some javadoc cleanup.

02-12-04 : Merge of backend started
The stuff in the backend-redesign-branch branch is almost ready for release now, so we've started merging it with the main branch. Please stop updating the backend-redesign-branch branch until this merge is complete. This may take some time.

02-11-25 : New GUI using JInternalFrames
Drake has changed the way the Frontend handles pop ups. Instead of displaying new JFrames for each popup, which worked nicely but was very slow on older computers, he now uses a JDesktopPane with JInternalFrames instead.

This is much faster, gives the popups a nice Swing look&feel, and as an added bonus the popups move with the main frame.