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General Info

DragonChess is a chess-like game designed by Gary Gygax (see his own DragonChess page for more details)

With his permission, we are developing a computer version of the game, released free of charge under the General Public License.

The current version has full support for local play and network play over the internet. Long term plans include an applet version, a 3d version and an AI engine.


2.1.0 Released
Improved networking robustness, a User Preferences dialog to store various settings and a chat system are the main new features of this release. Grab it on the download page.

2.0.0 Released
The new version, with totally rewritten backend and with networking included, has arrived. Grab it on the download page.

02-11-26 : New Site Online
We finally got started on building a website for DragonChess. Lots of stuff should be added in the next few days.